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Schull Tides for 2018-07-18 Time in UTC
1st HW 07:50 3.0m, 2nd HW 20:10 2.9m, 1st LW 01:25 0.5m, 2nd LW 13:50 0.5m

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Astro Data

Data for 2018-07-18
Sunrise Today is at 04:42 UTC
Azimuth = 53.46°
Sunset Today is at 20:46 UTC
Azimuth = 306.33°
Length of day today is 16.067 Hrs
Sun is due south today at 12:44 UTC
Sunrise Tomorrow is at 04:44 UTC
Azimuth = 53.79°
Sunset Tomorrow is at 20:45 UTC
Azimuth = 305.99°
Length of day tomorrow is 16.017 Hrs
Sun is due south tomorrow at 12:44 UTC
Moon Phase is day 5, a Evening Crescent (Waxing)
Zodiac Sign of Virgo
Moon Phase Image
This is day 5 of the cycle
Moonrise Today is at 11:32 UTC
Azimuth = 89.04°
Moonset Today is at 23:48 UTC
Azimuth = 267.07°
Earth Moon Distance = 376,432 km
Next Full Moon is on 2018-07-27

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